Comforting Scriptures

Everyone goes through valleys in their lives at times. During these difficult seasons, the only thing we can do is to hold onto the one thing that we know is certain: God loves us. No, we can’t understand why or how, but He still loves us.

These scriptures have helped me during hard times, and I’m sure they will help you as well.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke ….

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Is Speeding a Sin?

I remember when I first got my license. It was an amazing feeling, all that power right under my foot and in my hands. My first thought was, “How fast can this thing go?” and I immediately hit the gas with a vengeance. The feeling of acceleration overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t help grinning as I sped around town.

A few minutes later I passed a speed limit sign and glanced up at it curiously. Now there’s nothing unusual about a ….

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Christmas in Focus

So here it is. The Christmas season. After waiting an entire year, the moment has finally come for parties and presents. After all, that’s what the season is about, right?

Just saying “the Christmas season” brings up many images to my mind, some good and some bad. Let’s see – there is shopping, Jingle Bells, snow, Christmas trees, family get-togethers, presents, and Santa Claus, just to name a few. Does that sounds like a fairly comprehensive list to you? No? Oh, right! I forgot that little kid in the barn – what’s his name – Jesus, wasn’t it? There’s a manger scene downtown that has him at the center of it, but I always thought it was kind of weird. I mean what can be so special about a little baby? It’s not like he is a big, powerful man, or an amazing leader or anything. He was just…a baby.

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The New ArrowUp!

Aaaaaaannnd…We’re back!

Welcome, all you loyal (and maybe not quite as loyal) readers, to the new and improved ArrowUp! We have a whole bunch of news and new features to tell you about on the site, so let’s get right to it.

New Design

The first thing you will notice about the new ArrowUp is the fact that the blog has gone through a huge design change. If you remember, the old design was rather, well, old, and it looked dirty and grungy. ….

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Christian Furry

This week, neither Ben nor I will be posting. I have asked my friend Dillon Lucas to write something about a movement he is working on in a certain subculture. But he can explain it better than I, so without further ado:

What is Furry, anyway?
A Guest Post by Dillon Lucas

Furry is a subculture, a wide group of people who utilize a world of anthropomorphic animals to create different types of artwork. The artwork varies between drawn or painted works, written ….

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